Parts sales

Gedeb has organized one of the biggest spare parts stock stores in Addis Ababa for fast and medium moving spares to satisfy the needs of its customers. And also have branch spare parts shop in Bale Zone to be accessabil to is customers easily.

In its central store at Addis Ababa (Gofa) and in Bale Zone, we abled to supply all our customers adequate and timely parts over the last couple of years. In case of urgency, Gedeb can arrange an emergency import air fright from the John Deere parts depot in Germany within 72 hours.

To highlight some Information on spare parts, GEP has spare part store area of 80m2/1 store shelves with Ware house area of 56m2. Total Number of spares stocked is over 3000 having over 400 line items. The total value is over 22 million birrs.